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Benefits of Glucagon Tablets

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Glucagon essentially is a hormone created in the pancreas that help increases blood sugar levels. With modern science, chemists have produced glucagon tablets which diabetic patients can take orally to increase their blood sugar levels in case of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

Previously, Glucagon as a hormone was primarily injected to patients. Thus, there was a need for patients to keep a syringe handy through which one can administer the Glucagon. With the advent of the glucagon tablet, diabetic patients can simply carry that tablet anywhere they go and take the drug orally whenever they needed it.

A major benefit of the glucagon tablets is its simple and convenient use. Tablets are portable. Diabetic patients can keep their medicines in their pockets and orally drink them when needed. This is unlike glucagon fluids which diabetic patients need to store in a safer place to avoid being broken. They also need a syringe to administer them. The need for a syringe is one less item that a diabetic need to carry around everyday. Glucagon that is administered through injection is unsuitable for oral intake because it can be denatured by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach or neutralize by the liver making the medicine ineffective and useless.

Glucagon tablets are also beneficial especially for diabetic patients who have fears of injections. This is especially advantageous for children with diabetes who needed to contend with their fear against injections just to live. The tablet form also comes in accurately measured dosages so that patients can correctly take the amount of insulin that they need. When injecting glucagon, patients can suffer from insulin overdose, which is equally dangerous. The tablet form allows them to take just the right dosage. Glucagon tablets allows for colored coatings and markings for easier recognition. This is unlike fluids which without their containers can be mistaken for something else.

Finally, the biggest advantage of glucagon tablet is its usage. Glucagon tablets manufactured with fast dissolving formulations to allow quick effect. Because it is easily taken by the patient, a patient can quickly take the medicine before they fall unconscious because of hypoglycemia. The glucagon tablets thus allows for faster medical relief because of oral intake.

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