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Benefits of Brown Rice

Posted on May 26, 2020 | No Comments on Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice pertains to a rice grain in which only the hull was removed and was not further polished to become white rice. Brown rice is healthier than white rice because the brown layer is full of nutrients which are helpful for the body. These nutrients are damaged or eliminated once the brown rice is further processed or refined to become white.

Among the beneficial nutrients that are in the brown rice included fiber, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B-6. Fiber help promote healthy digestion and prevent constipation. Magnesium is for producing energy and making bones strong. Zinc is a mineral that acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin B-6 is important for nerves. In lieu of these nutrients, brown rice has other further benefits. Chief of which is its ability to lower the risk of developing diabetes. It’s high fiber content helps protect people from colon cancer and breast cancer.

The Manganese and Selenium contents are antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Selenium particularly helps in combating cancer cells and facilitates that repair of DNA. Fibrous brown rice can help prevent weight gain as people easily gets full. Brown rice also lower LDL or bad cholesterol and increase the level of HDL or good cholesterol. It also offers cardio vascular benefits by decelerating the development of atherosclerosis, or the plaque that accumulates in the arteries that narrow its size. Brown rice is full of phytochemical compounds i.e. phenolics that help prevent swelling. It helps in preventing insulin resistance especially for diabetics. Since its nutrients are comparable to those of vegetables, it also prevents the occurrence of Asthma especially among children.

Finally, the magnesium content helps in promoting bone health. Rice is a popular menu across the world and has been considered as a staple food in many countries. It is usually served with a viand and has become the principal source of carbohydrates for energy. However, the brown rice is a healthier option than the traditional white rice. While it is theoretically cheaper to produce brown rice because it entails lesser processing, it seems rather odd that brown rice is more expensive and most people still prefer white rice than brown rice.

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