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Beath Down Stress with Drumrobics!

A new workout is gaining popularity for effectively combining the health-benefits of aerobics with the brain-therapeutic elements of playing the drums.

The workout – aptly named “Drums Alive” – consists of one hour, non-stop session of moving to the sound of heart-pounding music, all while beating an exercise ball senseless using drumsticks.

“Drums Alive is a workout for everyone, at any fitness level,” says Eric Cancio, group exercise fitness instructor and Drums Alive instructor. “It’s not as tedious as other workouts. It mainly focuses on coordination and having fun inside the class, while effectively burning 400-500 calories.

Eric has been teaching Drums Alive classes since last year. And though he has no formal drum training, onstage he looks to be as convincing a drummer as Ringo Starr.

This is because Drums Alive incorporates several drum moves, while enhancing your sense of rhythm. This was how Drums Alive was developed by Carrie Ekins, a German native, almost a decade ago.

Workout by accident
You can say that the workout was born from an accident. “(Carrie) was a dancer who suffered a hip injury. One day while rehabilitating, she found her old drumstick and began drumming (on some boxes),” says Eric. “While she was playing, she noticed her foot was reacting.”

Carrie did some research on the In-ternet and found that drumming generates enhanced Alpha waves in the brain and effectively synchronizes the hemispheres. The drum patterns also promote healing in the body, making it therapeutic to both an individual’s physical and mental health.

With scientific backing like that, who can contest the benefits of Drums Alive? “A common misconception we have is that Drums Alive is easy. You just hit the ball with a drumstick and that’s it,” says Eric. “But if you look at it, you’ll notice that there are so many dynamics to it, and that it actually works out your entire body.”

I sat down on a session of Drums Alive to know what Eric was talking about. The class was made up of mostly women in their late 30s, with just one male. Once Eric took his place up front, the room was immediately bombarded with loud, energetic music heavy on bass. For one-hour non-stop, the students started moving in all directions: left to right, side to side, around the ball. They did this while continuously hammering three mounted exercise balls in different drumming patterns, as instructed by Eric.

Judging from the good amount of sweat from the students, I can say that Drums Alive is an effective cardio workout. Apart from toning the arms, a session will effectively burn fat in your torso (from moving side to side, around the ball), and in your calves (from the squats).

There are also no breaks, to keep the heart pumping. You can imagine that a few sessions of this rigorous activity would increase your endurance and stamina ten-fold—and it does. Towards the end of the session, a buff-looking guy entered the room and tried it out. In 15 minutes, his clothes were already drenched and he was panting. Meanwhile, an elderly-looking woman—a return student and veteran of Drums Alive—maintained a jolly demeanor as she leaped around and whacked the ball, even smiling a bit with every hit.

Oddly therapeutic
Drums Alive is also oddly therapeutic—the act of hitting a ball releases stress. It’s no coincidence that the session is held af¬ter office hours, with many of the students looking like they just came from work. “These are people who want to de-stress. They’ve come straight from the office to do just that,” says Eric. “At the same time, this class helps them to move better. The brain becomes more efficient, and they become healthier.”

Drums Alive is a well-rounded exercise that works on your body while improving your mental well-being. At the end of the day, it feels good to release your pent up stress by hitting a ball. Definitely a better alternative than hitting your boss of co-workers with a drumstick.

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