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Beaten Rice Good for Diabetics?

Posted on September 4, 2020 | No Comments on Beaten Rice Good for Diabetics?

Also called flattened rice or poha, beaten rice is a simply rice which is pounded into flat light dry flakes. This can be done by simply parboiling the grain and then pounding to remove the husk until the rice become flat, which is dried for around two days. In which case, grain undergoes partial fermentation and is supplemented with probiotic bacteria and vitamin B.

The beaten flakes of Rice absorb liquid such as water and milk which can easily be made into different smoothies. For instance, mango extract can be added and blended to create a mango poha smoothie. The concoction can further be added with additional nutritious ingredients like nuts and raisins making it one complete meal. The smoothie made with beaten rice flakes are a good sources of prebiotic and probiotic food and is rich in fiber and Vitamin B complex.

Beaten Rice nothing more than rice which has becomes rich in probiotic elements because of getting dried. However, since it is basically rice, it is composed primarily of starch and carbohydrates. It is as good as eating rice and is not necessarily good for diabetics. What makes it good is when it is converted into a smoothie that keeps one’s stomach feeling full thereby reducing appetite to eat. However, eating beaten rice excessively is not beneficial for those losing weight or people with diabetes because it basically just eating rice in another form. Diabetics as well as figure conscious individuals are usually provided with a low carbohydrate diet.

Beaten Rice is better than plain rice because of the additional probiotic elements it contains and its greater flexibility to be included in different food concoctions such as smoothie. However, since it is primarily high in carbs, its consumption should definitely be regulated especially for diabetic patients.

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