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BCAA Supplements and Diabetes

Posted on January 20, 2021 | No Comments on BCAA Supplements and Diabetes

BCAA or Branched-chain amino acids are essential nutrients from proteins found in meat, dairy products, and legumes. BCAA supplements are commonly used to treat poor appetite in elderly who are suffering from kidney failure and to prevent fatigue and improve concentration. Some athletes use BCAA to improve exercise performance. Still others use it as a dietary supplement for people having problems with eating such as diabetic people. BCAA help stimulate the building of protein in muscle and perhaps decrease muscle breakdown which is generally ideal for sick people to prevent muscle loss.

For diabetics however, BCAA supplements should be cautiously taken. It would be better to seek advice of doctor before taking BCAA supplement. This is because some studies show that BCAA can decrease blood sugar. Thus, if taken with other diabetes medications, a diabetic can suffer from extremely low blood sugar.

Moreover, the taking of BCAA supplements also can possibly lead to diabetes. Studies from the Duke University medical center showed that too Much Protein allegedly from taking BCAA supplements along with eating, can lead to insulin resistance in the long run. And developing insulin resistance is a precursor to diabetes. In lieu of these findings, it is important for people to consult doctors and
nutritionists before taking BCAA supplements.

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