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Bayabas Good for Diabetes?

Posted on December 9, 2020 | No Comments on Bayabas Good for Diabetes?

Bayabas or guava is good for diabetes and for all people in general. It is good for diabetic people in particular because its consumption reduces the absorption of sugar in the blood which apparently help in regulating or directly reducing blood sugar level. While no studies have yet validated its ability to reduce the absorption of sugar, the bayabas fruit has been traditionally been used in China as a treatment for diabetes. However, some studies also contend that eating guavas with the skin, can actually raise blood sugar levels. Hence, it would be advisable that guavas be eaten by diabetics by removing or peeling the skin.

What is proven however is that guavas are rich in dietary fiber, which helps in reducing the risk of acquiring diabetes. Aside from the fruit, the guava leaves are even more healthful. The leaves can be made into a tea for consumption. For diabetics on the other hand, guavas have low Glycemic Index which makes it an ideal fruit snack for diabetics. However, diabetics should avoid ripe guavas because it contains complex sugar. Finally, the fiber in guava is also helpful in treating constipation which is common among diabetics.

Apart from controlling sugar absorption and treating constipation, guavas are also rich vitamin A and vitamin C which is important for maintaining healthy skin and for boosting immunity. Bayabas fruit is also rich in potassium, which helps in regulating blood pressure.

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