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Basic Yoga Postures

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The following yoga postures are recommended for those with diabetes:

Yoga postures to do in the morning:
1. Simplified bellows pose (Utks’epa Mudra’)
2. Action pose (Karma’sana)
3. Navel press (Agnisa’ra Mudra’)
4. Kneeling abdominal lift (Upavis’t’a Ud’d’ayana Mudra’)
5. Single head to knee posture (Ja’nushira’sana)
6. Ideational breathing, navel chakra (A’gneyii Pra’n’a’ya’ma)

Yoga postures to do in the evening:
1. Yoga posture (Yogamudra’)
2. Long salutation (Diirgha Pran’a’ma’)
3. Cobra or snake posture (Bhu’jaunga’sana)
4. Head to knee posture (Pashcimotta’na’sana)
5. Bellows posture (Bhastrika’sana)
6. Simplified bellows pose (Utks’epa Mudra’)

After doing the program everyday for six months, Dada assures patients that they will achieve a normal blood sugar that is sustainable. Romeo Velarde, a 73 year-old type 2 diabetic who had undergone the yoga therapy with Dada attests to the benefits of the yoga therapy for his diabetes.

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