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Banana Saba for Diabetics

Posted on November 3, 2020 | No Comments on Banana Saba for Diabetics

The Saba banana is a type of banana that originated the Philippines. While most bananas are eaten raw, the Saba banana is commonly cooked in different menus although it can also be eaten raw. The saba banana is usually used to make banana cue, boiled and added sugar syrup to make golden banana or simply fried. These banana food preparations are usually eaten as snack, merienda or desert. However, the banana can also be added in pochero and other native Filipino cuisines. The saba banana bud or puso ng saging is also cooked like a vegetable which is commonly included in sinigang and kare kare.

The banana saba is a healthy snack for diabetics. Since a half cup of fruit every dinner is allowable for diabetics, it is perfectly fine to regularly include the saba in one’s regular meal or diet. The banana fruit is provides similar nutritional value as potatoes. However, it must be noted that the ideal snack for the diabetic is the boiled banana saba. The banana cue or sweetened banana and fried banana are not advisable. The first two has too much sugar while the latter is often drenched in oil. Moreover, an overripe banana is not advisable. Meanwhile the banana bud (puso ng saging) is a great source of fiber which is also good for diabetic people. Some people claim that banana saba has helped cure their diabetes.

Some people believe that illnesses such as diabetes can only be cured by going on natural or organic and avoiding any type of processed food. Eating banana plus other natural fruits and vegetables help bring back the natural balance within the body which help rectify imbalances and improve immune system against diseases. Generally speaking, saba bananas are only good for diabetics if taken in moderation and if they are not prepared with too much sweet (e.g. babana cue, sweetened banana and banana cake).

Since banana is high in fiber, it is also useful for people who are figure conscious. Since eating banana is heavy on the belly, it is one way of driving down one’s appetite so that one is prevented from overeating.

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