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Badminton: A Healthy Option

Posted on March 29, 2018 | No Comments on Badminton: A Healthy Option

With the advent of everything instant nowadays, from instant noodles to instant body slimming supplements, people are now taking shortcuts to a better way of living. In return, people either suffer the adverse effects of these or waste their money on non-beneficial products. Also, they regularly buy health supplements to enhance certain parts of their health like lowering blood pressure or balancing the cholesterol level.

People may not know it, but the most effective way of strengthening the immune system is through physical exercises that help people increase their breathing and induce them to perspire. One of these exercises and the one that is highly addicting is badminton.

Playing badminton or any other sport or game that requires physical activity is not only amusing but vastly beneficial to one’s health. It is like taking a health supplement everyday. It has more health benefits than most of us realize.

One of the benefits of playing badminton is that it can increase one’s good cholesterol ‘by 13%, therefore reducing the risk for heart disease.  It can also decrease blood pressure by as much as 11/8 mm Hg, thereby reducing the burden to one’s heart.  In addition, playing badminton can decrease the production of sugar by the liver and thus decrease fasting blood sugar.  In fact, in one study, the Diabetes Prevention Program, exercise was able to decrease the incidence of developing diabetes by 58% (even better than medication).

Also, one advantage of this exercise people will love to hear is that it can cause weight loss. A 7% weight loss was proven to be enough to reverse or stop the progression of certain diseases related to obesity like diabetes and hypertension. Moreover, it can improve cardio-respiratory fitness, improve sense of well-being, and improve mood and self esteem.

As one continues to play badminton regularly, a raise in stamina and endurance will surely be noticed as badminton requires running, jumping, and fast-paced movement. And since badminton is a game of speed, this improves reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Furthermore, one thing people will gain from playing badminton is the improvement of sportsmanship and camaraderie which are developed when playing with other people. So put those rubber shoes on and grab your rackets as you go on the path of fun and strenuous but totally healthy way of living through badminton.

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