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Aspartame Good for Diabetics?

There are lots of information we see on the internet regarding food that are good and bad for our health. As we are being flooded by these information, we should also be able to sort out which sources are reliable and which ones are myth and merely opinion based are not founded by professional studies. There are some articles about aspartame being bad and even deadly for diabetics, but is there any truth about it?

Aspartame is a kind of sweetener, which is made up of two amino acids – aspartic acid and the methyl ester of phenylalanine. These amino acids are naturally found in dairy products like milk, and can also be found in meat, fruits and vegetables. Needless to say, these are all coming from natural sources, and are therefore safe for our intake.

Let us take a closer look at the products that we eat. If we drink milk everyday, we should know that an 8 ounce glass of milk contains six time more phenylalanine and at least thirteen times more aspartic acid that that of the soda. Therefore, we are taking more aspartame when we drink milk as compared to drinking soda, and we considered milk as one of the healthiest drinks out there. Another fact is that an 8 ounce glass of tomato juice or fruit juice contains up to five times more methanol than that of soda as well. With these being said, the information regarding aspartame being deadly especially for diabetics is completely unreliable and most probably opinion based.

Aspartame’s benefits to us have always been unquestionable, especially to those who have diabetes. It has enabled the diabetics to enjoy sweetened food without the carbohydrates. Aspartame cannot affect the blood glucose levels or even cause weight gain since it does not contain calories in its usual amounts consumed. There have also been almost 200 studies conducted in human and animals, establishing the safety of aspartame. These studies have shown that the aspartame intake is no different from eating other food and is no way resulting to serious adverse effects in the body.

Clearly, aspartame is not bad for us, and it is definitely not deadly. It is very sad to think that as much as the internet could provide us with useful facts, it could also be a source of misleading information that brings us to some unnecessary scare and worry.

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