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Aromatherapy for Diabetics

Posted on February 9, 2021 | No Comments on Aromatherapy for Diabetics

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils from aromatic plants, which are either inhaled, diluted and applied topically to the skin of patient, which help address many symptoms ranging from insomnia and depression to poor skin integrity, slow-healing wounds, and infection. The fragrance stimulates the olfactory system that triggers a body reaction or responses that affect the healing process. The sense of smell plays an important role in our survival as well as our quality of life. It is the last senses to fade as we die.

Aromatherapy for Diabetics is not aimed to cure the disease. Instead, it is used to help reduce the side effects or complications of diabetes such as ulcers and skin infections. Moreover, Aromatherapy also helps patient to relax and alleviate the stress of coping with a lifelong chronic condition. Through this, it helps in enhance the quality of life of a diabetic person. Similarly, stress affects epidermal permeability barrier function and is a precipitator of inflammatory dermatoses. This simply means that easing stress also improves skin integrity.

Aside from inhaling, applying essential oils through touching has also additional curative or easing effects to patient. Touching has been described as the first and most fundamental means of communication. The touch of a mother, a spouse, a loved one in applying essential oils help make pain more bearable especially with a touch of massage.

It must be noted that Aromatherapy can be beneficial when used in conjunction with medical treatment. It is not a cure per se but it helps encourage general relaxation and the elimination of stress, which is can be the no. 1 trigger for diabetic complications and health deterioration.

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