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Aromatherapy and Diabetes

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Upon hearing the word, aromatherapy, people always associate it with massage. Aromatherapy though is more than just the soothing strokes and relaxing feel of massages; it is a mode of treatment that uses essential oils extracted from flowers, barks, roots or other parts of the plant. There are many health benefits from aromatherapy such as improved psychological and physical well-being, better brain function and blood circulation. Although aromatherapy does not cure any disease, it helps relieve certain effects of certain diseases, one of which is diabetes. Here we tackle the twists and turns of aromatherapy and how it helps those with diabetes live a lighter life.

Essential oils
Essential oils are the fragrant essence of plants. They are highly concentrated and have healingproperties. Buying essential oils might get pricey; luckily, you can extract the oils yourself in the comfort of your own home.

To begin extracting essential oils, gather sterilized bottles or jars, plant material of choice and oil. Put the plant material in your designated container and pour the oil. Two cups of oil should be used to one cup of plant material. Finally, cap the container and put it in a warm spot where it will sit for a few a days until the plant material turns brown and the essential oils are out. Smell the contents to check whether the essential oils have been extracted already, if not, remove the old plant material and replace it with a new one.

Making your own essential oils at home is so easy but do not forget that there are also some rules in this breezy process. First, always put a label with the exact date you made your essential oil blend.

Homemade essential oils last only for six months and so knowing the date it has been made is important. Second, always store the containers in a cool, dark and dry area to preserve its properties and for it to be really useful. Third, never use a metal cap on your containers as it will contaminate your mixture through time. Fourth, do not ever ingest the oils, it is not edible. Keep in mind these rules and you are sure to achieve and enjoy the magic of essential oils.

Essential oils can be applied to the body in different ways and benefits also vary. It is highly recommended though to not use essential oils directly since most oils are extremely concentrated.

The most popular method of application is of course, the aromatherapy massage. A massage in itself already relieves pain and stress, adding the essential oils makes it better because the oils activate the olfactory sense and when absorbed by the skin, eventually the blood stream, it produces healing effects. You can decide how the oils affect your body by choosing the essential oil and knowing their benefits.

Adding a few drops of essential oil to water or other solutions is the other way of applying essential oils to the body. When used in baths, just add a few drops of the essential oil to the bathwater, blend it, submerge yourself and you are good to go. Just like in massages, bathing in essential oils also activates the olfactory sense and enhances your blood circulation. Adding five drops of essential oil to steaming water and inhaling the aroma helps alleviate stress. Pain from different areas of the body can also be reduced by essential oils by putting a washcloth that has been dipped into warm water with essential oil.

Aromatherapy and diabetes Aromatherapy is widely used since it cures various diseases.

Unfortunately, diabetes is not curable through aromatherapy. The complication and other effects of diabetes though, can be ameliorated by using essential oils.

People with diabetes can use aromatherapy to alleviate their complications by inhaling or using the oils to massage affected areas of the body. Skin diseases caused by diabetes can actually be aided by aromatherapy since the essential oils help the skin recover and gain its lost integrity. For patients who are suffering from numb legs, a foot bath with a few drops of essential oils such as lavender, cypress and eucalyptus is very beneficial. If a foot bath is not appealing, a massage perhaps will do the trick to the cold and numb legs of persons with diabetes. Massaging the legs, feet or other parts of the body for that matter, improves blood circulation.

The problems brought by diabetes cause stress. Essential oils, when inhaled, reduce stress and calm the mind. Add three to five drops of concentrated essential oil to a piece of cloth and inhale it slowly and let the aroma work its wonders. Examples of essential oils used for stress are lavender, rose, geranium, mandarin, and sweet marjoram.

The idea of having diabetes is stressful enough and dealing with its effects should not be hard for the patient anymore. Different treatments are being developed and sometimes, complex treatments make patients neglect really simple ones such as aromatherapy. Instead of spending money on high priced medicines, stay at home and relax; read a magazine while having a bath or massage infused with essential oils and feel the stress and pain flee from your mind and body.

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