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Are Vitamins Fattening?

Posted on January 13, 2020 | No Comments on Are Vitamins Fattening?

Question: Are vitamins fattening? If so, why should I take them?

Answer: Vitamins do not cause weight gain. However, there are some vitamins that can increase your appetite.

As a whole, if you take a multivitamin, multimineral supplement, it will only give you the nutrients you require to stay healthy.

Vitamins are necessary to sustain a strong and energetic body. So don’t look at them as enemies but as friends. Essentially needed for the normal functioning of our bodies, they are necessary for your general sense of well-being.

Unless you intend to eat platefuls of fresh salads and fruits all day, taking one daily vitamin supplement can only contribute to your general well-being.

May I suggest you take your vitamins after a meal? This works in synergy with food. And that is why taking them alone and on an empty stomach will not give you the best results.

There is a predominant thought about why one should take vitamin supplements. It is believed that if you have eaten sugar, white flour or chemically-laced food as such preservatives, artificial seasonings, coloring, then chances are you already have some type of deficiency disease. So do take your daily vitamins.

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