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Aphrodisiacs for Diabetics

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An aphrodisiac is a substance usually food that increases sexual desire and sometimes also enhances sexual pleasure. Diabetic patients both men and women are prone to suffer sexual dysfunction because sexual stimulation entails the need for properly functioning blood vessels and nerves. This is precisely, why some diabetic men, while having the desire for sex fails to have an erection. The only way to manage an erectile dysfunction for diabetic men is through the use of oral medication.

However, there are also natural aphrodisiacs that are believed to help diabetics in increasing libido. One of the most popular natural aphrodisiac that is also known for its other healthful benefits is the Korean Ginseng. The ginseng per se is difficult to find but there are teas available commercially in the market which contains ginseng, which accordingly is a revitalize for the whole body.

Nutmeg is another common aphrodisiac especially popular in China. Nutmeg is commonly known in the Philippines as anis or moskada. A little caution though in its use, because it can have hallogenic effects. Garlic and ginger are also natural aphrodisiacs but studies to its effectiveness are restricted to animals. Avocado is another common fruit that is also known to be a natural aphrodisiac because it helps in increasing the semen of men. The asian Viagra, the Tongkat Ali is another natural aphrodisiac. However, this is usually available only in tea form and is not available in the Philippines.

Aside from food aphrodisiac, Diabetic patients can also use other things to increase their sexual desire. One is by watching pornographic films or reading pornographic material. Sexual desire is a mental state which can be stimulated by the perception of sex visually or psychologically.

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