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Anxiety Attack Diabetes

Posted on May 29, 2020 | No Comments on Anxiety Attack Diabetes

Anxiety is generally considered a natural body response to stress. People feel anxious when one is worried about something or something is psychologically bothering a person. For diabetics however, anxiety attacks are more common and lingering especially because of the seemingly unending stress of looking after everything that the patient needs to intake or eat. Becoming cautious of what you eat day in and day out is very stressful which can lead to panic attacks characterized by feeling distressed, weak and dizzy.

Preventing anxiety is the best way to address anxiety attacks especially for diabetics. And the first step to do this is by accepting one’s disease. People normally have difficulty coping with anxiety because they have not accepted that they are diabetic and is thus required to manage one’s disease cautiously. The second step to coping with anxiety is by living a healthy lifestyle, which apparently is easier said than done. This means getting rid of the regular vices that most people have become accustomed of such as smoking, drinking, staying late at night and indulging in food. Managing diabetes requires a complete turnaround from one’s unhealthful ways to more desirable healthy ways like dieting and exercising or getting into sports, which are actually better. One then needs to enjoy a more healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle is actually more enjoyable than living a life of vice. The healthy lifestyle can be complemented by more healthful activities such as engaging in art such as painting, music, poetry, literature, dancing, or anything that will allow one to express oneself. One can also be active in sports or any physical activity such as jogging, walking, trekking, biking through which one can socialize with more people and get to travel and see more places.

In a nutshell, the key to preventing anxiety is by keeping oneself productive and active in things which are more worthwhile than cossetting with alcohol or cigarettes. Diabetic patients should especially aim to be independent from powerful drugs which can be dangerous as they may immediately deteriorate their livers.

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