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Anti Obesity Pills

Posted on March 29, 2020 | No Comments on Anti Obesity Pills

Obesity or fatness is a known and growing problem across the world which has not plagued not only adults but children as well. Obesity is a health risk because of its negative effects in increasing the risk for diabetes, heart disease, and even a person’s psychological well being. Thus, medical science is constantly finding ways to combat obesity.

One of the revolutionary breakthroughs of science when it comes to fighting off obesity is the development of anti obesity pills or weight loss drugs which assist people in reducing and controlling weight. These drugs operates by changing some of the fundamental processes within the human either by eradicating appetite, increasing metabolism, or reducing the absorption of calories. However, healthcare practitioners will always suggest the diet and physical exercise are still the best and principal treatment for obesity.

Slimming pills or anti obesity pills basically work by blocking fats or boosting metabolism to stifle hunger and cravings. Orlistat (which is famously known as Xenical) works by preventing the lipase enzyme from digesting fat and preventing some of the fats from being absorbed by the body. Sibutramine which is known as Reductil on the other hand, increase the levels of serotonin which in turn makes a person feel full thereby preventing one to eat more. This makes a person eat less yet remain satisfied. Finally, another pill which contains tiny polymer beads expands when dissolved in water making a person feel full. Thus, a single pill will make a person full without needing to eat.

Anti obesity pills such as Xenical and Reductil are clinincally proven to work and thus help people to reduce or lose weight. However, there are some side bad side effects of these pills. For one, some first time users report irritability. In some cases, it stimulates over activeness. Slimming pills are also generally not suitable for people with health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. In fact, the Meridia, a brand of sibutramine was withdrawn from commercial circulation because of its cardiovascular side effects.

Under these premises, it would be advisable for people to seek the advise of doctors and nutritionists/ dieticians before taking these slimming pills. Moreover, while these pills are proven effective, it is still better to heed the advice of most doctors to slim down the most natural way by proper diet and physical exercise.

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