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Ampalaya Capsule Good for Diabetes?

Ampalaya (Mormodica charantia) whether is its fruit, leaves, or roots cannot cure diabetes. But studies have validated its effectiveness in controlling blood sugar levels. Because of this, ampalaya is an important fruit which fairly recommended by nutritionist for diabetics in order to control and prevent diabetic complications apparently of course as a supplement to proper diet and exercise.

That ampalaya is an effective fruit for managing diabetes had been proven by many studies. According to research, the 100 milligrams of ampalaya is comparable to 2.8 milligrams of the anti-diabetes drug glibenclamide. This means that ampalaya is comparable to medicine for managing or controlling blood sugar levels. This is attributed to the momordicin content of the plant which acts like an insulin. However, the same substance is responsible for the bitter taste of fruit and its leaves.

Because ampalaya is not palatable to the taste, eating 100 miligrams of ampalaya everyday may not be acceptable for some people especially children with diabetes. Thus ampalaya in capsule forms allows diabetic patients who cannot tolerate the bitter taste of fruit or leaves to enjoy the health benefits of ampalaya without the taste. Incidentally, even the Department of Health (DOH) recognizes the effectiveness of Ampalaya as a dietary supplement for diabetics.

While there are many local manufacturers of ampalaya capsules, the ampalaya capsule remains relatively expensive. e However, since ampalaya can be easily be grown in the Philippines in practically any part of it, it would be advisable to just cultivate your own plant. If you have time, you can opt to make an ampalaya capsule yourself by simply grinding the dried leaves of ampalaya and inserting them in a capsule.

Incidentally, aside from controlling blood sugar, the ampalaya leaves and fruits helps in stopping cough, alleviate liver problems and cleansing the blood.

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