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Alugbati for Pregnant Women

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The well-being of a pregnant woman is very important. A woman who conceives a child needs proper nourishment, and also, needs all the vitamins and minerals she can get in order to sustain her nutritional needs as well as her baby’s. Therefore, it is essential that her food intake should be balanced and nutritional as well. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals a gynecologist can give to a pregnant woman, but still, it never hurts to eat healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables.

Alugbati, for one, is such a nutritious leafy vegetable. This vegetable is found in Asia, in the Philippines, Africa and Malaya, and apart from its medicinal benefit as herbal treatment for headaches, inflammations, ulcers and constipation, it also has a lot of nutritional value that pregnant women will surely benefit from.

Calcium. Calcium is involved in the hormone, muscle and nerve functions. This mineral is also needed for stronger bones and teeth. There are a lot of leafy vegetables which has high calcium content, and is a great alternative for those who cannot tolerate dairy products for their calcium needs. Alugbati contains 55 mg of calcium per cup.

Folic acid. This mineral, also known as folate and one of the essential B vitamins, is very important for women especially during the childbearing years. This helps prevent neural tube birth defects. 400 mcg is the daily intake recommendation of doctors both for men and women, however, the doctors recommend more than that for pregnant women and for breastfeeding moms. 50 mcg of folic acid can be acquired from a cup of alugbati.

Vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important for the immune system and also in creating white blood cells, which wrestles bacteria and viruses. Bone health, vision and the reproductive system also depend on the adequate vitamin A intake. Although there are also lots of leafy vegetables that are considered good source of the A vitamin, alugbati provides 510 IU of vitamin A per cup. Therefore eating alugbati is a good way to reach the RDI requirement since women needs 2,310 IU everyday.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on supplements in order to attain the nutritional needs of a person everyday. Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are a great way of attaining the nutrition that a person needs. Apart from being less expensive, it is also safe.

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