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Alugbati for Diabetes

Posted on November 11, 2020 | No Comments on Alugbati for Diabetes

Also known as malabar, vine spinach, arogbati, dundul and grana, alugbati is a common vegetable that can be found practically everywhere in the Philippines. This medicinal herb is so common that it sprouts like a weed almost practically everywhere across the country.

While alugbati is a medicinal herb, it has no direct healing effects to diabetes. However, there studies that show that as an antioxidant, action of B. rubra in alugbati showed potential ability to reduce blood sugar levels. The positive results however only applies to rats and has not been confirmed or validated if the same effect happens to diabetic humans.

The importance of alugbati for a diabetic patient however is mainly because of its fibrous content, which essentially help keep patients full thereby reducing their appetite and eating. Fiber is also healthy because it has no saturated fat. It is therefore low calorie which is help prevent constipation and might cut your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Alugbati therefore does not help treat diabetes. But it helps manage it and help prevent it.

Alugbati also contains phytochemicals called saponins, which help reduce your risk of heart disease and ancer. It is also a treatment for headaches, inflammation, constipation, and ulcers. The vegetable is also rich in vitamin A for healthy eyesight and also helps keep your bones and teeth strong. It is also rich in iron or folate that is great for pregnant women as it promotes proper DNA and brain formation and function.

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