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All Year Stress Free

Posted on May 21, 2020 | No Comments on All Year Stress Free

Every start of the year serves as a metaphor for all of us. It is the time fit to start anew for a chapter closes and a new one presents itself. This New Year should be a blank canvas, without any smudges or traces from numerous stress-inducing events of the past year, and after every end of another year, it should also stay pristine throughout the year.

But how does one really keep away from stress? More importantly, how to keep stress at hay for the whole year? It does not only require short-termed activities that albeit effective, only helps for a limited period of time. To keep a stress-free year, it is helpful to engage in different activities that requires not a lot of time, but can still be done religiously.

Enroll in a dance class
Sweat it out by joining a street dance crew, or a more sophisticated jazz class. Same as going to the gym, dancing is proven to release happy hormones that are the magic drug to combat stress.

Kenny Doughty, a dance instructor for 10 years and a member of the National Dance Clubs in Delaware says, “Stress is just an absolute killer. Most people don’t know the incredible power they have to control stress. Dancing is a magical activity that relieves you of the stresses of life and brigthens your day.” He also adds that a healthier life can be achieved in few steps: “It’s great exercise. You’re moving every part of your body, so it’s like enhanced walking. It strengthens your immune system like crazy and floods your body with serotonin.”

Indulge in palatial activities
Yes, emotional eating is NOT always bad. But eating is riot the only activity that involves food to beat stress, cooking can also do wonders. “Cooking is a change of pace, and a change of venue, and a change of mind.” Cooking beats stress by helping relax the mind while keeping the hands busy by cutting, slicing and stirring. Although cooking may seem daunting at first, do not be afraid to dive headfirst into it, remember things will go smoothly once you conquered your fear and mastered the skills, even the basic one. And also, don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor, “Bon apetit!”

Music is the key
This could be considered as the most fool-proof way to keep stress away, music heightens mental functioning, promotes healing and helps you feel calm and relaxed. Music can alleviate stress in two ways: by the tone and by the lyrics. Listening to instrumentals is a great way to just let your stressed-out mind empty itself with troubling thoughts, while music with positive and affirming lyrics are good brain food. So the next time you feel your nerve tighten due to stress, sit down and put on those earphones and listen to your favorite music, you will be surprised how positive and stress free you are even after the first track off your music player.

Go to the beach, it is where the sun shines
Sometimes, all we need is a good dose of sun, sea and sand. There is something about the sea and the waves that calm even the most tightly bound nerves due to stress. Being near the sea also gives the advantage of experiencing different kinds of activities like snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking. These activities are right-smack stress-busters because it will give you a rush of pure and unadulterated enjoyment that no other activities can give the rush of being near the wonders of nature is surely a good way to kick away stress.

Remember, these activities will only work when you appreciate the beauty of how it works. Combine these with concentration and meditation and you are surely on the way to fight stress not only for a short period of time, but guaranteed stress-free and positive 365 days.

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