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Adding Romance to Physical Activities

Every year, February brings that distinct aroma of love and romance that we anticipate so much, especially for couples. It’s a season that’s definitely filled with flowers, balloons, teddy bears, chocolates, and cakes. These are just some of the usual ways we show our love and affection to our partners. Yes, February is a time of mushiness and emotions but you can also make it the month to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Here are some physical activities that you and your partner can try and experience this love month or in any other day of the year. Remember, some things are still best done together.

Of course, you’ve done it before. Perhaps everybody has. You can see people jogging in parks, ovals, streets, gyms – virtually anywhere. But have you done it with your partner? People usually jog alone with their mp3 players for company. Instead of listening to the all-time favorite songs that you can play anytime, why not jog with your partner and share some quality time together?

Why jogging?
• It helps in blood circulation    and strengthens the heart and respiratory system.
• It helps burn fat with about 100 to 200 calories in a half hour session. If you have poor appetite and are underweight, short jogging sessions improves your appetite and helps you gain those extra pounds.
• It strengthens the muscles of the legs, hips, and back without the worry of developing very big muscles.

What you need:
• Clothes. For warm weather, t-shirt or sando and shorts or jogging pants are ideal. For cold weather, use additional layers of clothes like sweaters. In general, clothes for jogging should be able to absorb moisture and sweat.
• Shoes. Running shoes should have soft inside areas but rigid soles to support impact and body weight. Also, the underside of soles should have friction to any surface to avoid slipping.
• Extras. Because jogging will make you sweat, you must drink a lot of water to re-hydrate. Energy drinks also help in boosting your running power. Hand towels help you dry up well-deserved sweat after your exercise.


This sport continues to gain popularity here in the Philippines as badminton halls and courts are sprouting everywhere. Played by twos (singles) or by fours (doubles), a badminton session – not including warm-up time – may last for about half an hour to an hour, depending on you and your playmates’ skills. You
and your partner may try outplaying each other in a singles match or invite another couple to play with you in a doubles match. It will surely be double the fun!

Why badminton?
• Regular badminton play can reduce bad cholesterols (triglycerides, low-density lipoproteins) and increase good cholesterol (highdensity lipoprotein).
• It reduces blood pressure, strengthens heart muscle, and keeps blood vessels from clogging.
• It burns extra calories to help reduce weight and gain optimal weight for your height and age.
• Osteoporosis can be prevented as it helps the bone matrix absorb calcium better.

What you need:
• Clothes. T-shirt or sando and shorts, skirt, or sweat pants.
• Shoes. Rubber shoes are required, trainers or tennis shoes.
• Rackets and shuttlecocks. There are many brands of rackets to choose from depending on your taste and built. Rackets and shuttlecocks are often available in badminton halls.
• Extras. Water and energy drink allows you to replenish the body liquid that you lost during the game and towels should be around to wipe away the sweat.

Ice Skating
It doesn’t have to snow in the Philippines for you to experience ice skating. Some malls now have skating rinks for you and your partner to enjoy. Individual ice skating is fun in itself but having someone to lean on or catch you when you get off-balance definitely sounds better!

Why ice skating?
• It strengthens and tones the lower body – thighs, hips, and buttocks.
• It burns fat and strengthens the heart.
• It also allows you to improve your body’s balance and coordination.

What you need:
• Clothes. Since this activity is done on ice-you have to wear thick clothes or layers of clothes to fight-off the chill.
• Shoes. You’ll need a pair of ice skates. If you don’t have one, ice skates are for rent at the ice skating rink.
• Extras. For a total feel of the ice, you may also wear a bonnet or a pair of ear muffs.


Yoga is a set of spiritual practices that originally came from India. Nowadays, yoga is not just a spiritual practice but more of a physical activity as well. Yoga may be perceived as mostly for women but it is actually for men, too! There are yoga poses that are especially designed for couples. Here is a
simple yoga exercise that you and your partner should try.

Couple’s Turtle Pose
• Begin seated on the floor, facing your partner. Keeping your back straight, extend your legs out to either side, attaining turtle position.
• Have your partner place his feet against your lower legs. Reach forward as your partner does the same, and grasp his upper arms as he grasps yours.
• Have him press gently upon your legs with his feet, maximizing your stretch. Have him then pull you slightly forward, again maximizing your stretch.
• Hold, and then release, relax, and repeat the exercise, with the partner’s positions reversed.
• The purpose of this exercise is not only to facilitate a gain in flexibility greater than you could achieve on your own, but also to build trust in each other. Allowing your body to be manipulated by your partner builds security in being able to depend on him or her.

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