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ADA lauds Proposal to Junk Trans Fats

The use of artificial trans fat, present in most tasty yet greasy fattening food, will be restricted in all fast food chains and res-taurants in New York, to the delight of The American Diabetes Association (ADA) which recognizes the health hazards of trans fats for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.
A form of unsaturated fat, trans fatty acids or trans fats are naturally found in dairy products and meat. It is artificially produced through partial hydrogentation of plant fats.  Trans fats, which have no proven health benefits, are linked to heart attack and stroke.  Although health authorities in some countries cautioned against the use of artificial trans fats, many food manufacturers and restaurant owners opt to keep this ingredient because it makes the food crispier, creamier and generally more delicious.
According to the ADA, a strict implementation of the ban on trans fats would help thousands of diabetics living in New York City.  It assures that even if these diabetics dine in restaurants and fast food chains, what they’re about to eat is trans fat-free.
Consumption of too much trans fat is dangerous as it can lead to heart disease, a leading cause of death for people with diabetes.  Meanwhile, the Big Apple is also pushing for a law that would make it mandatory for restaurant owners to display the calorie content of food served. Doing so would make the consumers more aware of the food’s effect on their health and prompt them to make smarter food choices.

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