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Ace Water Spa: When Water Therapy Does Magic

Did you know why the Earth is so far the only known planet where life could exist? It is because of water, the universal solvent, the one that sustains life on this planet. The importance of water has always been highlighted because it alleviates dehydration, especially during hot weather.

But now, the science of hydrotherapy, as perfectly experienced in Ace Water Spa, adds more therapeutic benefits to our water activities not only during the summer, but all year long.

Studies have even found that hydrotherapy has a beneficial effect on blood sugar and has been found to improve sleep patterns of diabetes patients. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine conducted by Dr. Philip Hooper of McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado, observed that patients who were instructed to soak in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 3 weeks experienced a 13 percent reduction in their blood sugar levels.

In addition, hydrotherapy eases the way for people with diabetes who find it hard to exercise, as submerging the body in water during exercise reduces the risk of muscle or joint injury.

Ace Water Spa’s hydrotherapy massage is a kind of therapeutic massage that utilizes “ultrasonic jet system” that massages specific areas of the body with its aquatic jets strategically located to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles. This treatment is best done in heated water. Ace Water Spa’s hydrotherapy area boasts of 25 ultrasonic massage systems—push¬of-a-button equipment that provide soft, moderate, or hard massages, depending of customers’ preference and assuring them of the same, consistent massage experience. Moreover, the massage systems, being “do-it-yourself” type, gives the customer the freedom to decide which water equipment to use and which part of his body needs more attention.

Furthermore, Ace Water Spa’s bubble pool relieves menstrual pain. The rainfall acupuncture is centered for the treatment of back pain and the head and shoulder jet system is used to ease eye fatigue and neck and shoulder ache. It also helps relieve high blood pressure. Steam, sauna, and resting places are also available to complete the holistic hydrotherapy wellness experience at Ace Water Spa. Hydrotherapy at its finest—that is what Ace Water Spa offers and the myriad therapeutic and health benefits may provide both diabetics and nondiabetics a genuine sense of relaxation that is sure to leave them refreshed, recharged, and ready to face the challenges that the real world has in store.

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