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A Mom Against All Odds

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Cathelyn Sanchez, 32, a doting mother of two, is about to give birth to her first baby girl. However, she never thought that her third pregnancy would be difficult, as she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is like meeting a stranger for Cathelyn. Before learning of her condition, she didn’t realize she was expecting for the third time until she went to her OB-gyne to confirm her pregnancy. “I was three weeks delayed then,” Cathelyn says. When her doctor asked about her family history of  diabetes, Cathelyn admitted that her family had a history of the said disease. “My father has been diabetic for years and my grandmother died of the same disease,” she reveals.

Knowing her background, her OB decided to include an Oral Glucose Challenge Test (OGCT) with her laboratory tests. The results were way above the normal, so Cathelyn underwent another test. This time she had the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) to confirm her condition. The result of the test made her OB advise her to also see an endocrinologist for her gestational diabetes. Despite her condition, her endocrinologist gave her hope and told her not to worry so much so as not to affect the baby inside her womb.

Cathelyn wondered why she would have the disease only now during her third pregnancy. “I did not suffer from gestational diabetes from my two previous pregnancies. I didn’t know if it was because I first gave birth 11 years ago,” recounts Cathelyn. “Laboratory tests on pregnant womenn were not as rigid as it is today, or maybe I was still young then or because of my genes,” explains Cathelyn. Cathelyn is very happy with the coming of her first baby girl yet she needs to sacrifice to be able to make her and her baby safe and healthy. Her endocrinologist put her on a strict 1,900 calorie diet for blood sugar control. “It was stressful on the pocket than the mind because in order to take 1,900 calorie diet, I must attend diabetes education,” Cathelyn narrates.

The diabetes education program is a three-hour lecture which includes food, diabetes information and blood sugar monitoring guidelines. Aside from the lecture, Cathelyn needed to monitor her blood sugar level four times a day. After a week of doing the 1,900 calorie diet, she returned to her endocrinologist for check-up. The said diet did not work for Cathelyn. Her endocrinologist advised her to take insulin to normalize her blood sugar level. “I started at 12 units of mixed insulin at once because one kind of insulin did not work for me,” she says. Insulin injections gave her so much pain but she still managed to do so. “After six months of. injecting insulin before meals, I’m finally used to it. Although, there are times it hurts especially on the leg area.”

Cathelyn’s husband sees to it that she eats a well-balanced diet consisting of a serving of fruit every meal, a measured amount of rice and plenty of vegetables. She also does exercise for her condition. Cathelyn is very thankful of the support she’s getting from her family especially from her husband. “He eats what I eat. He also follows my 1,900 calorie diet and he keeps on hiding foods which will elevate my sugar level,” Cathelyn recounts. Her kids were also trained by her husband not to give her sweet food when Cathelyn asked for a portion size of it.

Cathelyn is on her ninth month already. Despite her grueling condition, she is still hopeful that she and her baby can surpass this condition. Cathelyn said she just had her ultrasound and the result is great. Her baby is of normal size. Meanwhile, Cathelyn’s HbAI c revealed that her sugar level is also normal. Her sacrifices, including insulin injections, are working wonders for her and her baby.

Although, Cathelyn knows that her baby is not spared from this ,killer disease, the family is still praying that it won’t happen to their unica hija. Cathelyn realizes that discipline is very important to be able to manage diabetes. “It is very rude to satisfy yourself when you know that complications of diabetes may strike and affect you and your baby anytime. It is important to know more about the disease. Read and be aware of the complications of diabetes for it is seriously fatal,” Cathelyn explains. She adds that gestational diabetes can happen to any mother with no signs and symptom yet it can be controlled. “Gestational diabetes can be controlled with proper food, care, and information.” Now that’s great advice from one great mom.

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