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Leg Cramps and Diabetes

September 6, 2015 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of health illnesses worldwide. Among the population of diabetes, 10% of the diagnosed patients have Type 1 Diabetes and 90% have Type 2 Diabetes. The uncontrolled level of glucose can lead to serious complications, and one of which is leg cramps. Leg cramps and diabetes are associated because of hyperglycemia. When there is an abnormal glucose level in the blood, the body reacts causing excessive urination leading to dehydration. When a person has a polyuria, vitamins and minerals such as potassium depleted, which also causes leg cramps. In addition, leg cramps also occur to diabetes person when there is a nerve damaged on the extremities, and this is referred as diabetic neuropathy. When both upper and lower extremities are affected (arms and legs), this is diagnosed as diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The complication gets worst when the affected nerves are too damaged. It is either the person feels pain in the legs though there is no stimulation, or the nerves are too damaged that the person can no longer feel any pain.

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Proper Treatment for Diabetic Wounds

September 6, 2015 Category :Health Watch 0

Having diabetes certainly challenges every person who has it. The incapability of producing glucose or sugar in one’s body is an irregularity that affects the entire body system. Any complications caused by diabetes should not be ignored because it can result into something bad. Hence, people should be more careful when they have this. This applies especially when it comes to dealing with wounds. There are lots of people who might be reckless in dealing with this. But they should remember that there are still ways on how to deal with it. » Continue Reading

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Diabetes Delusional Disorder

September 6, 2015 Category :Emotional Wellness 0

Have you seen a person who believes in things which are untrue, unreasonable and sometimes weird? If yes, that person is suffering from delusions. A person who suffers delusion is someone who is very convinced that his beliefs are real. This person thinks differently compared to a normal person. He or she tends to imagine things which do not exist. Delusion, in medical sense, is believed to be a medical syndrome that happens when created or imagines visions or fantasy are being prioritized by a person. This is a medical impairment that is hard to cure. Sometimes, it is related to diabetes. People who are suffering from diabetes do have this disease.

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