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Facts About Colonoscopy

August 17, 2015 Category :Health Watch 0

Colonoscopy is a screening examination performed to look for colorectal cancer, or commonly known as colon cancer. This procedure allows the doctor to have a closer look at the insides of the entire colon and rectum to look for polyps or tumors which can be early signs of cancer. As the examination is performed, the doctor uses a thin tube, about the size of a finger. This tube is called colonoscope, a flexible, hollow and lighted tube with a tiny video camera at the end that is gently inserted inside the colon and sends pictures to a TV monitor. The procedure itself takes approximately thirty minutes, and patients are usually given medicines for them to relax or to sleep while the examination is being done.

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Skin Allergies and Diabetes

August 17, 2015 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Diabetes is no joke. It is truly saddening to know that many people do suffer from this kind of sickness. It is also saddening to know how people are coping up so hard just to fight the battle. If we could just wish everyone in the world would be free from sickness, then, many people will never suffer again from diabetes. Diabetes destroys not only the health of a person but also brings complications as well. The most common complication is a skin disease.

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Health Benefits of Pocari Sweat

August 9, 2015 Category :General Wellness 0

Nowadays, people are so active when it comes to doing things. They are focused on doing the things that they want. These people are so enthusiastic in achieving the things that they want to have. This concept applies to the young adults who keep on working for themselves. Young people tend to work more because of the ideas that they have in mind. Being an active person is an understatement of what they do and who they are. It is simply because they do more because this is what they think that they should be doing. But then, working must not the only thing that they must do in the world. They must also have the things that would challenge them as well. This challenge can be called ‘relaxing.’ To relax may be hard to do. But, young adults are required for this will surely give them enough will to carry on other tasks.

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Lettuce Insulin for Diabetes

August 9, 2015 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Diabetes has been known widely as a disease which is a long term condition due to high blood sugar levels. It is one of the causes of deaths of people worldwide. Mostly, diabetes is hereditary. However, before one can truly understand what diabetes is, it is important to take note how insulin works in one’s body. Whenever a person eats, the body turns this food into sugar. Then, pancreas are supposed to release insulin to cater sugar. Insulin lets the sugar enter the cells in order to turn sugar to energy. But then, for a person who has diabetes, this system will not work. A person who has diabetes hardly produces, or not produces insulin at all. Hence, it has affected the parts and functions of the body.

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