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10 Stress Free Christmas Shopping Tips

Thinking of doing your last-minute Christmas shopping and already getting stressed out?  Here are 10 things you can keep in mind to get you through shopping for Christmas:

1.  Make a gift list.  This one always works! Before heading out to the mall or to the tiangge, carefully think about all those you want to give presents to this Christmas and list their names on a piece of paper.  and make sure not to lose that paper!  You could also try listing the names in your mobile phones or your PDAs.

2.  Think.  Spend enough time thinking what to give each person on your list, and place thought of gift across the person’s name.  Carefully recall conversations with the people on your gift list and think about what their interests are to help you decide what to give them.

3.  Try a wish list.  Wish lists are perfect for those who do not want to crack their brains thinking what to give for Christmas.  For example, post a blank paper on the refrigerator door at home or at a wall in the family room with the heading “Christmas Wish List.”  Then tell everyone in the family to write things that they would want to receive for Christmas.  That way, everyone in the family would have options on what to give each other for Christmas.  This can also be done in the office or even with friends during a gathering.

4.  Window shop.  Browsing through shops or malls for things on your Christmas list before actually buying them could help you decide where to get the best deals.  Going to different malls even before the holidays set in and choosing a place where you can get most, preferably all, of the things in your shopping list would be awesome.

5.  Avoid the crowds…and the traffic too!  When you already have chosen a place to do all your Christmas shopping, plan the best day to do your shopping.  Since it’s already December and everyone is doing their last minute holiday shopping, avoid going to the malls on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s better to shop on a weekday, preferably in the morning when the malls have just opened.  Be sure to finish your Christmas shopping before lunch time to avoid the long lines at the cashier.

6.  Stick to your budget.  work out a budget on how much you are willing to spend for gifts, and whatever you do, stick to that budget.  do not overspend.  You wouldn’t want to get stressed out later for spending too much on gifts alone.

7.  Be a smart shopper.  Ask for receipts and keep them until you have safely wrapped all your presents.  You might need to return a few damaged merchandise, and receipts are always needed for that.

8.  Be comfortable.  One of the best secrets to successful shopping is to be comfortable while going through all your errands.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for better movement and to avoid falls and injuries.

9.  Bring snacks and water.  Walking around the mall looking for items on you list can really make you hungry and dehydrated.  Carry with you light snacks that you can munch on while walking around the mall, and a bottle of water to keep you from getting dehydrated.  For hypoglycemia or low blood sugar attacks, it is always safe to carry a fast acting sugar snack like candy.

10.  Take a rest.  When you are already feeling tired, don’t push yourself to continue.  Rest for a while and eat a healthy meal before proceeding with shopping.

Make the usual stressful activity like doing a last-minute Christmas shopping a stress-free experience.  Make it more enjoyable by doing it with a family member, a spouse or a friend.  Happy shopping!

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