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Ortiga Pills for Diabetics?

Posted on February 26, 2013 | 2 Comments on Ortiga Pills for Diabetics?

Ortiga Pills refers is a pill or dietary supplement that is recently gaining popularity for its effectiveness in curing arthritis. Many users have reported very positive results in the pill’s ability to stop inflammation, swelling and the pain related to arthritis in as fast as less than 12 hours. The pill is currently available in Mexico and the bottle label says dietary supplement. A brand for Ortiga Pill is Charlote Arthritis which is made by Grupo Charlote de Mexico in Rio Azul El Salto Jalsco Mexico. Another is made by Centro Botanico Santiago from Baja, Mexico.

At the moment, the pill is not yet available commercially in the US or Canada partly because the pill hasn’t been certified by appropriate authorities. However, the pills are easily available in most online Mexcian Health Food Store including the Mexican Ebay. According to the Pre-Hispanic Herb seminar by Sra. Ofelia Banderas, the Ortiga Pill is made of a pre-Hispanic Medicinal Herbs for the treatment of muscle and arthritic pain. Hence, the pill is herbal and had since been used as a traditional alternative medicine for arthritis and rheumatism that had been proven by time.

However, the pill that is often available in the market usually does not reveal its ingredients. This makes the pill worrisome. Some experts believed that the drug contains large doses of cortisone, which while effective in treating arthritis, can have dangerous side effects including obesity and muscle bruising. Some users reported the rounding of the face, which still remains unconfirmed.

Since little or no known formal studies have yet been conducted as to the effectiveness of Ortiga pills save for the fact that it has been a Mexican traditional medicine, it is still advisable that patients stick to the recommended treatment for arthritis, the NSAIDs, which remains as the safest cure for providing temporary relief to arthritis including for diabetic patients.

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    Where van I purchase these pill I suffer from arthritis in both knees appreciate your information thanks

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    Where can I order these pills?

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