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Healthy Food in Jollibee

Posted on October 11, 2012 | No Comments on Healthy Food in Jollibee

Generally, the menu offered in Fast food chains contains excessive amount of calories, which if not properly burned will be stored as fat, which in the long run can cause weight gain and obesity. A typical burger and French fries has combined caloric content of 900 which is already half the amount of calorie intake a person needs in a day.

Moreover, Fast food menu also has saturated fats, which on the other hand can increase blood cholesterol and the risk of coronary heart diseases when in excess. Fast food menu also contains sodium or salt, can in turn lead to too much body fluids when taken in excess because salt essentially triggers thirst. Finally, fast food menu contains chemicals and excitotoxins or flavor additives that promotes eating.

All the contents in fast food are important for one’s health. The key to enjoying healthy food in fast food chains such as Jollibee is keeping portion in control for all the food that we eat. Burgers and fries are not bad. Soft drinks are not bad. Chicken joy is not bad. The Grilled pork tender, the burger steak, the spaghetti, the palabok, the shanghai rolls, chicken mush room pasta and even the deserts such as the chocolate float, and sundaes are not bad. But if we eat too much of them, that is what makes them bad. The food in Jollibee is healthy if taken in moderation. In fact, even if we eat many for as long as we can manage to use or burn up the calories as energy through exercise or other strenuous activities, the food we eat is just alright.

However, there are still ways on how we can make food in Jollibee and other fast food restaurants a little healthier and safer. For instance, people should avoid upsizing drinks and fries. People should also minimize dipping into gravies and dressings. One can opt to drink water than soft drinks. When it comes to eating Jollibee meals such as the chicken joy, the burgers, the pasta and the like, one serving should be enough. After eating, it would be prudent to take time to walk like going window shopping to burn the calories that one has taken. There is no such thing as unhealthy food in Jollibee or in any fast food chain. Excessive eating is what makes them unhealthy.

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