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Fit n Right Benefits

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Fit n Right is a new tasty health drink developed by Del Monte, a company known for its pineapple products as well as other innovative products designed for everyone to be more healthy and fit. Fit n Right is one of the latest Del Monte products in its line of healthy food products that is primarily designed for health and figure conscious new generation. Recognizing the importance of reducing fat and the need to lower calorie intake, this new product works in both ways. It helps reduce fat by increasing metabolism and effectively blocks calories to prevent accumulation of fats. The two important ingredients in this healthy drink are the L-Carnitine and GCE, which helps burn and block fat respectively to assist a person reach a fitter lifestyle.

L-Carnitine is a natural amino acid in our body muscle tissue which helps increase metabolism. It basically sticks to fatty acids and move or carry them to the mitochondria that converts fat into energy in cells. Rather than lessening glycogen, L-Carnitine converts fat into energy. This helps obese people who engage in exercise to have the needed energy to perform longer in strenuous physical activities. Physical activity and exercise is crucial in order to avail of the benefits of L-Carnitine. Else, if a person does not engage in physical exercise, the energy created from fats will be stored and will become fat. Thus, L-Carnitine helps metabolize calories intake only if supplemented with physical activity or exercise. L-carnitine is usually available in red meat and dairy products as well as nuts fruits and vegetables.

The other healthy ingredient in Fit n Right is the GCE or Green Coffee Extract, which functions as a fat blocking component of the product. GCE can be found in unroasted green coffee beans. It is not available in the typical coffee because roasting will essentially dispatch this organic compound. GCE helps reduce weight by reducing caloric intake as it blocks the body’s sugar absorption to some extent. The less sugar absorb, the less calories, the less fat.

It must be noted that the effectiveness of Fit N Right is triggered by an active lifestyle. Maintaining a sedentary lifestyle makes its weight loss benefits practically useless. Aside from its weight loss benefits, Fit n Right also contains other vitamins and minerals that people normally get from fruits in a wonderful flavorsome drink.

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